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Seattle App Development

Seattle App Development
Have you noticed that applications seem to be a new rage? Nearly all service providers have applications, whether it's a web application, mobile application, or some other type. This has brought service closer to the people and has cut off distance and third parties as a barrier to service. You can now experience or provide even the most unlikely services in a few clicks. Certain individuals have given themselves to garner the expertise and technical know-how required to create these applications, and they're known as app developers.

Seattle App Development

App development is the way toward making a computer program or a bunch of projects to play out the various assignments that a business needs. From computing month-to-month costs to organizing sales summaries, applications assist organizations with computerizing cycles and effectiveness.

Mobile development companies in Seattle mostly provide these services in Seattle. A mobile app development company integrates the needs of its client with its proficiency in developing an application that meets the demands of the contracting party. Mobile app developers in Seattle also make expert suggestions and enable the speedy implementation of the services required by the contracting party. They develop your dream application and offer extra services after the launch of the application that is essential to the reception of the application by users. They also provide updates on the application in line with technology trends.

What is Seattle?

Seattle is Washington State's biggest city, and with the headquarters of tech giants Amazon and Microsoft in its city, it houses a huge tech industry. According to Pitchbook, Seattle startups raked in $3.2 billion in venture capital within the first three quarters of 2020, practically toppling its $3.6 billion venture capital in 2019.

As a result of this surge in startups, several businesses are looking to create applications for their users. Many are in fields like health care, A.I., and the gaming industry, which require mobile applications to ensure accessibility for consumers and increase in consumer base. Some of these startups include:

AnsweriQ. The company wants to relieve every company's major customer service issue by providing them with auto-responses, A.I. chatbots, and submission forms that will ensure that customers are speedily provided with the information they need.

Nori. A startup that combines blockchain technology and sustainability. Simply put, consumers pay with cryptocurrency to extract carbon in tons from the atmosphere. It partners with farmers, who then store the carbon in their soil.

Attunely. A machine learning platform in the finance sector. It intuitively develops tailored recovery techniques, classifies customer data, and secures state and federal compliance.

Mobile App Development in Seattle

Mobile app development is the process of planning, developing, evaluating, and releasing an application that can run on any mobile platform. Mobile App Development in Seattle is the same as everywhere else, with a few peculiarities, particularly with user experience.

Here at Workin Geeks, our Seattle app developers are experts in hardcore technology, passionate about functional design, and can implement app development services competently. We also guarantee that your app will be relevant to recent trends and technology while boasting a top-notch user experience and app reliability.

iOS Applications

The iPhone operating system, also known as iOS, is probably the most popular and widely accepted platform amongst mobile app developers in Seattle and the world at large today. This is mostly because of the convenient and adaptable nature of the platform. This provides a seamless and smooth sail-like effect on downloading and usage.

The developer has to pay attention to details about quality and user privacy as the iOS app development requires; this is due to the strictness of the submission process on the Apple store. The app development process is carried out in the Build Cross-Platform programming language or Swift programming language.

This entire process of app development can be divided into three parts. They are:

● The Preliminary Stage is a stage that consists of planning, research, analysis, and acceptance of the app store code. The developer has the responsibility to study the prerequisite for accepting an application by the Apple Store and adhere to them.

● The design stage consists of the idea and wireframing phase, where the preliminary framework of the app is developed. It also includes the User Interface and User Experience designs where the panorama, outlook, and app navigation are designed. The software application entails the Model View Controller (MVC), its data, software, and user, and it is considered the last phase.

● The third stage is considered to be the combination of the phases involved. It encompasses the application programming interface, which is otherwise called the API. The API serves as the bridge or relation between the front end and back end of the application.

● The last stage comprises the review and sample phase. This is where the product, that is, the newly developed app, is tested for premium performance and is certified to be running perfectly, seamlessly, and smoothly.

App development at Workin Geeks with this in-depth knowledge and technical know-how proves to be seamless and immaculate. Delivery promises to be top-notch and swift while carefully noting the need for balanced and optimum production.

Android applications

The Android counterpart appears to be less dogged than the iOS with its seemingly unvarying app development process. The process entails coding with software referred to as Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android apps.

Unlike the popular belief that android app development is limited to mobile applications, numerous platforms run on the Android Operating System. There are some precise processes in the development of an android app. These processes include;

● Conceptualization can mean the birthing of the application in the mind of the app developer or an individual. This involves defining the purpose and usage projection of the end product.

● Then there is wireframing, which puts the idea into drawing and making intricate sketches of the framework of the start and proposed finish line for the app upon production.

● Then the feasibility check is conducted; it involves research and analysis on every component of the end product's success. This is practical to determine whether the app is attainable or it is to be left as what it started as a dream.

At Workin Geeks, one of our core strengths is Android application development, and we provide full-circle packages with proper administration and full control on your projects.

Seattle App Development Agency

Even though we are not based in Seattle, Workin Geeks is one of the best companies that can develop an app for your local company. As a mobile application development company, the team will ensure that your app is not only properly developed in technical terms but that it provides value to your users.

If you'd like us to create magic with you, leave a request on the website or send an email.
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