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Best online book apps for your iOS & Android

Top 5 book apps for your iOS & Android
Carrying a large stack of books can be tiresome especially when you are on a journey that takes hours. As opposed to traditional printed books, using an eBook app is more comfortable because you can flip through the pages of a book on your mobile device at the swipe of a finger, keeping yourself entertained when bored or less engaged. Additionally, a lot of book-reading apps on iOS or Android are cost-effective and free to download which is to the user's advantage. This article is simply to guide you through the process of selecting what app to use for your reading.

What are book apps?

Whether a voracious reader, a simple researcher, or a random student, book apps on your mobile devices are a must-have for convenience and entertainment. Within a range of categories including entertainment, education, games, music, and many more, developers make mobile applications for reading books.

Book apps are applications that help users discover the best reads with a modern interface and design. They are also popularly used to help children assimilate and learn better. In recent times, online bookstore apps have risen in number with unique features as added advantages for the user's preferred choice.

The Best Reading Apps List

With so many options of good eBook readers out there, it is important to find out what your expectations are before going for one. Ultimately, here is a list of the top 5 online book reading apps with enlisted outstanding features to help you make the right decision.

1. Kindle (Amazon)

the best apps for books – Kindle (Amazon)
Undoubtedly, Amazon Kindle is the leader of the digital reading app market. The free bookstore application has more than a million titles in its Kindle store, ranging from the latest bestsellers to free classics. It offers unique features such as Page Flip-in book navigation, customized display, Whisper sync for Voice where you can listen to the book's audio version, and many others. The kindle bookstore app is available in iOS, android, windows, and blackberry versions. Some additional features are:

• Membership availability;
• A built-in dictionary, Wikipedia for all books;
• EBook synchronization in case of a change of device;
• Android rating – 4.0, iOS rating – 4.8.

2. WattPad

the best book apps – WattPad
This free online reading book app has become a community that uplifts the comments and works of both readers and writers respectively. Offline access to unfinished books is available and you can also sync your reading progress and continue from where you stopped. It is likewise available in the Android and iOS versions. In search of a reading application with something new to offer, go for WattPad because it is not only discussion-worthy but also an encyclopedia of the written content of various sorts. Some additional features are:

• Sharing of your library with other readers;
• Synchronization of account and favorite books;
• Ability to share your ideas;
• General rating – 4.0.

3. Kobo books

Kobo books
Regardless of what tool is used for this online reading app, Kobo Books provides users with a set of features that makes reading memorable. An interesting characteristic is that it introduces you to a community where you can share your reading passion. All content owned by Google Play Books appears immediately in your library so you can gain access to them offline. The application is one to dive into if rubbing minds with other like-minded book lovers is a personal interest. Some additional features are:

• Control-efficient audio player and reader;
• Reading of previous books freely;
• Night mode feature available for better reading;
• Android rating - 4.3, iOS rating – 4.6.

4. Libby (Overdrive)

Libby (Overdrive) - best book applications
Another suitable reading device is this Ipad books app. It serves as a connection to your offline library. You do not have to limit yourself to iOS, Android, and laptop book reading apps. The Libby app is the next-generation app that helps you access and read books including audiobooks from your public library. All you need is your library card and the installation of the mobile application, Libby. It is user-friendly, has millions of books and magazines plus it is available on the android app store and iOS app store. Some additional features are:

• Creates lists of your must-read books;
• Adds notes, bookmarks, and highlights;
• Ability to download or borrow titles;
• Android rating – 4.6, iOS rating – 4.6.

5. FBReader

This independent epub reader app is available for Android, and iOS users. There are no restrictions to its usage because it can be used on any device that has Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. Asides from the proper organization of the library, it has Google cloud-based storage and supports both epub and Mobi files. The reading cloud app is also one of the few book apps that supports the light/dark theme. Some additional features are:

• Customized font style and size;
• Up to 34 languages available;
• Sync reading positions;
• General rating – 4.4.

Want to create your reading application?

The rise of online reading apps has made things easier, faster, and more memorable for book lovers who are increasingly getting rid of physical books and picking up mobile applications. Digital books are not momentary, they are here to stay. You might want to consider creating your reading app. For direction, here are some steps that would help you create your customized reading application:

• Generate an application idea.

• Do thorough market research.

• Write out the features of your application: what are the flipsides of existing applications? What would you like or do differently in yours?

• Make design mockups through the user's experience and graphic design.

• Collate the application's marketing plan.

• Submit to the application store, market wisely, and improve through user feedback.

These tips above are rather effective when combined with the services of professionals who would consistently check back to ensure the application is authentic and threat-free.

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