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How to learn app development?

How to learn app development?
The mobile application market is huge, and it's only going to get bigger in the coming years. According to a study, the mobile app industry's overall size will reach $188.9 billion in 2021.

The industry would be extremely profitable as a result of this expansion. You can either create a mobile app for your own business or pursue a mobile app development career.

You are not required to return to college to pursue a computer science degree. You can certainly do so, but it will require a significant amount of time and resources.

A step-by-step guide to learning how to make an app:

‣ Pick one of the most popular shows;

‣ Acquire necessary context knowledge;

‣ Master the coding skills.

What is Mobile Application Development?

A typical mobile application uses a network link to work with remote computing services, and mobile application development is the process of developing software applications that run on a mobile device. As a result, the mobile development phase entails developing installable software packages (code, binaries, assets, and so on), integrating backend services, including data access via an API, and testing the app on target devices.

In today's smartphone market, there are two main platforms. Apple Inc.'s iOS application is one of them. The iOS platform is the operating system that runs on Apple's iconic iPhone handsets. Google's Android is the second. In addition to Google, many other OEMs use the Android operating system to create their smartphones and other smart devices.

There was a time when any company hoping to succeed had to create their website. The explanation for this was that, with the introduction of the internet, businesses needed to keep up with technological developments to remain important to their customers. This, however, had changed. To attract and retain customers, businesses must now adapt to online and mobile apps.

In terms of user scope, applications have taken over. Here are some statistics to back it up:

‣ According to App Annie, global mobile app store sales will exceed $100 billion by 2020.

‣ According to Ericsson's annual mobility survey, smartphone users are expected to hit 6.1 billion by 2020.

‣ According to Gartner, by the end of 2017, smartphone applications will have been downloaded over 268 billion times, generating over $77 billion.

How to learn the development of
mobile applications?

Before taking a risk, it's a good idea to know what you're getting yourself into. These days, mobile applications are mainly developed for the iOS or Android platforms. One is clearly distinct from the other, and you should think about whether you want to focus on iOS or Android app growth. Of course, nothing keeps you from attempting to master both, but in the world of mobile app production, that's not the norm.


If you want to learn to develop apps to create your products for the iOS app market, you should start with Swift. However, if you're going to work as an iOS developer for a mobile app development business, you should begin learning Objective-C.

That's because Swift was only released in 2014. Although the response has been overwhelmingly positive, there are still tens of thousands of iOS apps written in Objective-C, as well as a wealth of Objective-C-specific documentation. You'd need to know how to manage or patch the code as a competent iOS developer.


If you choose Android as your platform, be mindful of one issue that Android developers have: there are many different Android devices out there, which makes things a little more complicated. However, it is not a problem if you see it as a challenge and an opportunity to reach a larger audience.

Java is needed to learn how to create apps for Android. If the only picture that comes to mind is aromatic Indonesian coffee, you'll need to take a Java programming language introductory lesson.

Now that you're ready to learn mobile app development and become the next great mobile app developer bear in mind that it's more than just programming. Knowing how to write code is just the first step in creating an app. Following that, you'll learn about best practices like writing clean code and documentation, as well as how to promote and monetize your mobile apps.

Where to learn app development?

These days, app development is one of the most exciting industries to work in. There's never been a better time to learn mobile app development, with higher wages than the national average and growing demand for people to fill app development positions.

Are you looking for a place to learn how to create apps? Take a look at these:

‣ Udemy;
‣ Coursera;
‣ edX;
‣ Skillshare;
‣ Treehouse;
‣ Udacity;
‣ Google developers training;

There's never been a better time to learn how to make apps. It can be a very lucrative and fulfilling profession for those who have both a rational and imaginative streak.

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Our developer team at Workin Geeks is still developing and learning new ideas. Furthermore, Workin Geeks' Android team has launched their course on designing Android apps, and the iOS team is preparing to build a beginner's course as well.
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