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Best apps for pet lovers

Best apps for pet lovers
Owning a pet can be expensive and demanding but these days, there are diverse applications for everything and anything. From bank transactions to reserving seats on a plane, they'll simplify things and cut off your stress. However, most of the useful applications are the ones that are least known or recognized. Apps for pet lovers and enthusiasts fall under this category.

Such applications were created to make things more effective and less complicated. From dog owners to cat owners, the app keeps a record of their routines, health, and everything related to your pet. However, with the high demand for these apps, the challenge springs up when it's time to pick the suitable and best pet app. Here is a shortlist of the best pet apps you can pick conveniently from:

1. Chewy

This highly rated application has a variety of foods, toys, and medicines that would meet your needs at a fair price. Subscription to this application would also get you a convenient saving plan for needed pet supplies. Anything that can help you serve and care for your pet better deserves space on your phone's list of applications. Some other features are:

- Auto-shipping of deliveries to your doorstep;
- Designed clearly for the comfort of your needs;
- A trustworthy saving account.

2. Fitbark App

This is one of the best dog control apps. This free application not only helps keep your dog in good shape but also renders innovative ways of helping your dog stay active. It uses many of your phone's features to update you on information in regards to your pet's status. It is available on iOS or Android stores and is rated a 4.7 on the Play store. Some other features are:
- Safe place alarm;
- Anxiety level monitoring;
- GPS for your dog's location.

3. Pet Cube

Making your pet happy should be every pet owner's goal for his/her pet. This pet application has designed cameras and treats dispensers for you to keep in touch with your pet while you are away. The application is easy to use and a cool way to keep tabs on your pet. Some other features are:
- A monitoring camera;
- A designed microphone and speaker for conversations;
- A treats dispenser.

4. Dog Scanner

This dog owner's application allows you to scan a dog through your phone's camera and use accessible knowledge to determine what breed the dog is. Are you a dog owner or breeder and can't keep track of the kind you possess? This pet camera app can come in handy. Once the dog is scanned in a picture, the app gives you a breakdown of everything about the dog. Some other features are:
- Designed with a bot system;
- Houses 350 FCI breeds and additional ones that are common but unrecognized;
- Possesses a social feed that helps you connect to other dog lovers.

5. Pet Minder

The pet Minder app is a one-stop app for managing anything pet-care-related. With this application, you can set up reminders, appointments, walks, clinic visitations, and many more. You can also access information on stores close by when in need. Some additional features are:
- Access to training videos;
- Access to the best pet products;
- Pet proofing options.

6. Pet First Aid

This is one of the best pet apps for pet owners. For Android and iOS users, it is developed to help you take care of your pets without having to go down to the hospital. It provides step-by-step procedures to guide you through any impromptu emergency with your pet. Some feature is:
- Helps locate nearest emergency vet hospitals;
- Prior knowledge on how to cater for your pet wounds;
- Helps foster pet's good health.

What apps are more popular amongst pet lovers?

Many social networks, even Facebook and Instagram are platforms to showcase your four-legged friends but if you want your audience restricted to pet organizations, projects, and lovers. Some famous pet lovers apps to dive into are:

Petzbe: This app is synonymous with Instagram and its goal is to bring all pets together worldwide into a loving and fun community.

Yummy Pets: This isn't only for your four-legged companions, rodents and reptiles are also invited. It captures and documents your pet's moments.

DogsterCatster: This is a goldmine of information about everything on cats and dogs you should know.

All sociable apps have categories that cut across different aspects of your pet's life.

Camera apps

Usually, we wonder what our pets would do in the absence of their owners, so getting a pet watcher is something we jump into as pet owners. Pet Camera apps became the real deal in the world when fixing a huge camera in a place so all pet activities would be on record was proffered as a solution. With just a connection to any random camera installed in the house, you can watch your pets from anywhere in the world on your smartphones. You can even converse with your pet. Some of these valuable apps are:

Pet Cam App – Dog Monitor

Watch your dog from wherever you are, instructing and directing. It can be a pain in the neck when you get back from work to a scattered and disrupted home due to the joyous affairs of your pet. This can be turned around through a simple download of this camera app from your Play store. Asides from covering the movement of your pet, it especially indicates when your dog barks and connects you to it.

MobiCam Pet

In this app, you can change configurations and adjust the mode of the camera. You can make a recording or send a sound wave to engage your dog while you are away through the app.

Talking Pets App

Some other apps that have come in handy for pets are the Talking Pets applications. Ever wondered what it would look like for your pet to talk? Some applications were designed to do so. They are:

My Talking Pet

This application enables your pet to speak realistically. Sharing it on video or emailing friends and family about it would kick start a rather fun trend with pets. This iPhone app for pet owners lets you animate your pets after selecting the features of your pet's face.

Talking Animals

This is another app that makes your pet talk in pictures. Rated 3.9, it is subscription-related and fun.

Dating Apps

It is tough to meet a fellow pet lover and bond with them, which brings the importance of the internet. The pets build a connection for pet lovers, a common ground that makes dating fellow pet lovers easier. Some of these popular sites are:


This popular dating app for pet lovers is synonymous with other dating apps where a profile is created and the app releases a list of potential matches. You can get to decide if you 'dig' or would rather pass. This application also features daily first-date ideas, daily pet deals, and services.


This app encompasses a community of people who pride themselves in outdoor activities, connecting, and finding common grounds.

Adoption Apps

Adopting pets has become easier with the help of technology i.e. the use of mobile pet apps. When it comes to adding a new furry, four-legged, or slimy member to the family, it is important to find the perfect fit.

Petfinder Mobile is an android app for pet lovers searching for pets in their area.
LikeThat Pets is dedicated to helping you find the exact type of breed you prefer.

Other categories are pet selling apps, pet hotel apps, pet sitting apps, dog walking app development amongst many others. Catering for a pet involves many factors which include: lifestyle, work schedule, and family. Although many adoptable pets are uncared for due to lack of funds, these pets need more than funds, they need true love from their eventual owners.
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